The 11 Craziest Things About John Daly, Golf’s Real-Life ‘Wild Thing

Here’s why Daly has been golf’s most outrageous character for decades…Everyone’s favorite funny pants-wearing, cigarette-smoking, personal life-destroying golfer is back in the news this week. And no, John Daly is not dead. The 50-year-old known variously as “Wild Thing” and “Long John” recently appeared on the Dan Le Batard Show and told a story that began with him winning $55,000 at a casino and ended with him losing $55,000 out of a car window while fighting with his wife. I won like 55


Daly Could Collect $150K On Bet to Reach 50 Years of Age

 By Every pro golfer looks to bank some coin when they turn 50 and become eligible for the PGA Tour Champions.For two-time major champion John Daly, there’s a slightly different twist.According to a report in USA Today, former Masters champion Fuzzy Zoeller bet Daly years ago that he wouldn’t make it to the big 5-0. The long-hitting Daly turned 50 on Thursday.”Fuzzy’s going to owe me 150 grand,” Daly told the newspaper. “I don’t know if he remembers that bet or not, but I’ll get that!Daly-Could-Collect-150K-On-Bet-to-Reach-50-Years-of-Age/c23gp/572347720cf232b075d1d204