Johnny Miller’s Bold Fashion Claim to Fame

The white belt is golf’s most polarizing piece of fashion. So much so that two governing rules for wearing it have developed.1. Wearing one off a golf course is strictly prohibited (OK, so I made that up, but c’mon)2. The Law of 35The second one comes from Golf Digest’s Mr. Style Marty Hackel, who always says you shouldn’t wear a white belt if you are over the age of 35 or have a waistline over 35. (Side note: This rule may have been, um, stretched to keep me within the parameters.)Why are we


Johnny Miller on slow play: “I should be Commissioner, that would help”

By Bob Carney Not everybody loves the truth,” Johnny Miller told a happy Chicago crowd Friday night. But he pretty much dished it out anyway. Miller was speaking to a Western Golf Association fundraiser for the Evans Scholars foundation, which awards 250 full-ride scholarships to caddies every year.“What can we do about slow play on the tour?” host Mark Rolfing asked the honored guest.“To start with I think I should be Commissioner. That would help,” said Miller with slight twinkle in his eye.