Best Golf Story Ever

One of my favorite sports writers, Bill Simmons at, recently wrote a column that included a funny section on how everybody loves to tell a fantasy football war story, but no one wants to listen to them. It struck me that this is EXACTLY the same in golf. At the conclusion of every round, we sit together, each of us desperate to explain how the forces of nature and other golfers conspired together to rob us of a stroke (or three or four), pretending to listen to the others and hoping


Graham and Ruby DeLaet – A love story

Although “love” is a term more associated with tennis than professional golf, there will be a lot of Valentine’s Day cards being exchanged this week on the PGA Tour.While we can’t overlook wonderful long-term relationships like Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, who will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary this year, there is a remarkable love story much closer to home for Canadians: Graham and Ruby DeLaet.Married in 2008, the couple met when Graham, from Weyburn, Sask., was attending Boise State

Story About Tiger and Casey Martin Getting Food Poisoning in College

 By Alex Myers Tiger Woods forged a lasting image of toughness with his victory at the 2008 U.S. Open. Woods won that week despite hobbling around Torrey Pines on a broken leg and against his doctor’s orders. But over a decade before, Tiger turned in another performance with a totally different type of ailment that his college teammates are still talking about.This Tiger tale came out of a conference call that included former Cardinal golfers Casey Martin, Notah Begay and Conrad Ray — now!Story-About-Tiger-and-Casey-Martin-Getting-Food-Poisoning-in-College/c23gp/571620670cf2dd6f7fc5a778